Port of Cannes carparks

Pantiero Carpark
  • Car park in the city centre, close to shopping streets and at the heart of events
  • 560 parking spaces on 2 levels
  • Open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week  
  • Bilingual reception (French/English) open every day from 07.00 to 18.30
  • Parking attendant & video surveillance 24 hours a day
  • Max height: 2.40m on Level 1and 1.95m on Level 2 
  • Max length of parking space: 4.70m. 
  • Max width of parking space: 2.30m.

Subscriptions & flat rate tickets

  • Public rate : standard fee 
  • Boat owner’s rate : for annual berthholders in the Port of Cannes. This fee is only available to the boat owner. (If there is more than one owner, only one card is available at this rate) 
  • Events rate: during events which take place within the port area, two types of daily fee are available:
    - For organisers/technicians
    - For exhibitors 
  • Four types of subscriptions are also possible: contracts must be signed at the car park office and validated by the Pantiero car park manager.
  • Flat rate fees, available directly from car park attendants, without any need for validation.
    - Weekly / daily
    - In July/August: 10 days / 15 days
  • Cruise passenger offers

Contact : chef-parc.pantiero@cote-azur.cci.fr 
*  Request dor Events Card for parking in the Pantiero Carpark (Event card for exposant - Event card for technical)

Further information
•   Regulations
•   Fees for the public and boat owners

Port area parking

For boat users of the Port of Cannes only, various subscriptions are offered.  (Please contact the Port Office for further information).

Contact : cannes-plaisance@cote-azur.cci.fr   

Fees :

Tarifs parking
Annual (subscription)  €758 
Winter storage or professionnal  €418
Quaterly  €250
Monthly  €98 
Fortnight  €81 
Weekly  €66 
Crew / winter storage only (max 2 cards per boat)  €212 
Day ticket  €21